Discover SIXPRO's thermoplastic resins

Are you looking for… abrasive-resistant coatings?
chemical-resistant coatings?

Look no further! SIXPRO's thermoplastics division is the answer!

Plascoat® Industrial Plastic Coating

This environment-friendly rubbery plastic coating offers long-term corrosion protection and durability for your metal items. Renowned for its superior performance in natural elements (salt, sea, sand and UV rays), our Plascoat® industrial plastic coating will surely give your metallic parts great edge and weld coverage.

Usage of Plascoat® industrial plastic coating meets all approvals for food and water contacts, as is the case for dishwasher baskets, refrigerator shelving, or kitchen utensils, for example.

Whether it be for railings, signs and lampposts, or cable supports… especially in marine (salty) environments, think about Plascoat® industrial plastic coatings!

Rilsan coatings

Looking for excellent durability?

Choose the great resistance offered by our Rilsan industrial paint coatings!

Extend plumbing and water systems durability by covering them with a Rilsan (also known as nylon) coating! Certified safe for contact with drinking water, Rilsan's great resistance to impacts and low temperatures, combined with its long-term corrosion protection, will guarantee your absolute satisfaction!

Widely used in hospital and food preparation environments, a Rilsan industrial paint coating represents an ideal choice due to its sanitary characteristics, its superior resistance and its corrosion protection.

Dielectric Resistance

Components covered in thermoplastic paint coatings benefit from zero electric conductivity and minimal heat transfers…. No more burns!

Discover SIXPRO's thermoplastics division… outstanding!

Here are a few examples of thermoplastic coated articles:

  • Dishwasher baskets
  • Metal fences
  • Grocery carts
  • Food preparation equipment
  • Tubing and valves
  • Hospital equipment
  • Water treatments systems
  • Shower trays and baskets
  • Shelving (refrigerators, freezers, closets…)
  • Bus ramps

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