Types of powder coating

Trust your quality-oriented SIXPRO representative to recommend the type of powder coating best suited to your specific applications.

Polyester based cured powder coating

By far the most popular powder coating finishing on the market, polyester powder coatings offer performances that match demanding requirements.

SIXPRO highly recommends its polyester based finishings for their excellent decorative finish and for their outstanding temperature and UV resistance.

Polyurethane based powder coating

Powder coaters consider polyurethane powder coatings the high-end version of polyesters. If you are looking for overall excellence in colour and gloss finish, as well as the smoothest finish, or if you opt for matte finishes, polyurethane based powder coating is your best choice!

Epoxy based cured powder coating 

Epoxy coatings offer excellent chemical resistance in harsh environments. Preferable for interior applications, this low UV-light resistance type of powder coating is great for base coats.

Hybrid powder coatings 

With better results in interior usage, hybrid powder coatings cure at lower temperatures, compared to other types of coatings. Hence, hybrid coatings will render glossier finishes and richer colours than the standard epoxy based coatings.

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