The popularity of SIXPRO's powder coating finishing services is truly unparalleled!

Thanks to our 3 powder coating lines, along with our 25-foot batch oven ideal for oversized parts, SIXPRO can offer you short production delays and excellent value!

The secret to great powder coated parts? Surface preparation!

Trust your SIXPRO experts: the most important part of our work is what precedes the powder coating!

Mechanical preparation:

SIXPRO takes charge of all of your needs and offers: sanding, oxyblasting (sanding with aluminium oxide), shotblasting, and glass blasting. We also have a burn-off oven, to bring parts back to metal, and a chemical stripping tank, to strip fragile units or aluminium parts.

Chemical preparation:

Our powder coating lines, as well as our ecoating line, are all equipped with a 5-stage zinc phosphate pretreatment. This is truly the key to obtain great salt spray results evaluated with the ASTM B117 norm, which is the reference used in our industry to validate the quality of surface treatments.

We guarantee 1500 hours of salt spray on steel; moreover, if you require added protection against corrosion, you may combine e-coat followed by a powder coating application. If combined, we will guarantee 2500 hours of salt spray on steel! Impressive!

An environmentally-sound process, the powder coatings offered by Sixpro meet the RoHS standards.

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