Electrical transmission and distribution

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A sector that’s long appreciated the quality of Sixpro!

Many electrical transmission and distribution companies rely on us for their parts coating needs.

They choose Sixpro for many reasons, most notably our high level of expertise. Our in-depth knowledge and rigorous methods have been recognized in the industry for many years. Our high level of accountability and longstanding partnership with Hydro-Québec and its contractors are guarantees of our reliability.

Supported by an enviable history of high performance, our company uses highly corrosive-resistant solutions, including e-coat applications, that are unique within the market. Our process validation capabilities, which include laboratory testing, combined with our continuous willingness to meet our partners’ sustainability needs and challenges, ensure customer loyalty. Electrical transmission and distribution has long been a sector where Sixpro quality is recognized. We take pride in:

Durable treatments

Corrosion-resistant solutions

Rigorous work methods

Applications in this sector

  • Overhead transformers
  • Pad-mounted transformers
  • Submersible transformers

We belong to various industry associations and hold multiple quality certifications. Here are the ones relevant to the electrical transmission and distribution sector:

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