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Need professionally treated parts coating services? Choose the company of choice in many business sectors.

Clients in various industries choose our company for many reasons. From the outset, our reputation in the industry precedes us. Our level of expertise, in-depth knowledge and rigorous work methods have contributed to our enviable record of performance.

We use the e-coat process — unique in our market. Additionally, the effectiveness of zinc phosphate, plus the corrosion resistance and durability of our treatments, validated through laboratory testing, make us a partner of choice. Our modern equipment and highly competent team give us superior production capacity. Rely on our expertise for high-performing parts with impeccably esthetic colour-rendering consistency.

Our clients appreciate us for our end-to-end project management and attentive customer service. At Sixpro, we’re happy to meet the unique needs of our customers, delivering personalized service that accommodates their sustainability goals. Give us a challenge! Sixpro quality has long been recognized in many industries. We take pride in:

Durable treatments

Corrosion-resistant solutions

Rigorous work methods

Possible applications

  • Appliances and components
  • Residential indoor furniture
  • Municipal fixtures, such as bus shelters and street signs
  • Retail fixtures
  • Medical equipment
  • Miscellaneous springs
  • Agricultural equipment and parts
  • Industrial equipment and parts
  • Spa enclosures
  • Flight simulators
  • Door and window parts

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