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Originally designed and developed by and for the automotive industry, metal surface treatment, also known as E-coat treatment, has now been adopted for other applications.

Called cataphoresis in Europe, E-coat treatment uses an electrical process to deposit a very thin layer, or film, of organic paint onto metal.

The process of electrocoating involves immersing the metal products in a series of 15 tanks. It includes the critical step of chemical pre-treatment with zinc phosphate, which provides results guaranteed for 1,500 hours of salt spray (per ASTM B117) on steel.

In addition, the E-coat surface treatment we use at Sixpro — Powercron 6000 from PPG — is the automotive industry standard. It’s a semi-gloss black epoxy that can be used alone (if the parts aren’t exposed to ultraviolet rays) or combined with electrostatic powder coating (thermoset powder) in the colour of your choice.

Advantages of E-coat treatment

The electrocoating process offers several advantages for your metal products, such as:

  • Uniform thickness over the entire surface
  • Superior corrosion protection
  • Smooth coverage on sharp edges
  • Coverage of confined parts

Do you want to optimize the durability of your products with the best possible protection? Our E-coat surface treatment will exceed your expectations.

Where can E-coat treatment be used?

This process can be applied to virtually any metallic element you want to protect against corrosion. Here are some common applications for electrocoating:

  • Garden accessories
  • Household appliances
  • Fastening buckles
  • Heating and ventilation
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Shelving and brackets
  • Circuit boards
  • Auto parts
  • Recreational and transport vehicles

Depending on the configuration of the parts that need to be treated, it’s possible to cover confined areas, such as the inside of pipes, to a depth equivalent to five times the diameter of the opening.

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