Liquid paint application

Liquid paint application for parts of all sizes

Sixpro proudly offers liquid paint application services. We conduct this process in our factory using state-of-the-art equipment.

5 advantages of liquid paint

Best suited to certain projects, liquid paint offers many advantages. Take a look!

No limit on part size

It’s easy to coat large parts with liquid paint. Powder coating requires baking in a polymerization oven. Therefore, the size of parts is limited to the size of the oven. There is less of a size restriction with liquid paint. We can paint pieces up to 25 feet long. We paint and dry parts in large painting booths or in buildings with appropriate ventilation.

The solution of choice for heat-sensitive products

Liquid painting means your parts don’t have to be heat-resistant because drying can be done at low temperatures.

Ideal for all kinds of machine builders

Liquid paint is often preferred by machine builders. The machine can be completely assembled before painting, including electric motors and hydraulic components. Then, the liquid paint can safely be applied. During the drying process, the temperature remains low, so fragile components aren’t damaged.

Suitable for parts that aren’t electrically conductive

With liquid paint, the part materials don’t have to be electrical conductors. For example, plastics can easily be painted with liquid paint. This feature is a key differentiator from powder coating, whose process requires electromagnetic generation to attach the powder to the conductive surface.

Simplified processing saves time

You can easily cover scratches or other defects with liquid paint.

Our liquid paint application steps

At Sixpro, our liquid paint application process involves several steps:

  • Mechanical sandblasting pre-treatment to prepare the steel surface
  • Chemical preparation using zinc, as needed
  • Masking, often required depending on the part
  • Primer coat application
  • Paint application
  • Accelerated drying, which prevents dust and contaminant adhesion
  • Final drying in ambient air
  • Liquid paint is suitable for parts of all sizes and can be used on many materials, including those vulnerable to high temperatures.

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